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We have advocated for North Carolina's injured worker community since 1982.   Serving working people, we offer nearly 80 years of combined experience.   The lawyers at Edelstein & Payne have proven their dedication to justice for all people.  Workers Compensation Lawyer in Raleigh. Job injury attorney in Cary 

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Edelstein Payne North Carolina Workers compensation lawyer in Raleigh. Job accident attorney in Cary. We understand how difficult employers insurance adjusters are. We help represent laborers hurt in all parts of the State. Workers Compensation lawyer in Apex. We are a workplace injury lawyer in Cary. Job injury Disability? If you have a job injury disability, we can help. Please fill out our web form. It's always available for your convenience. We will start a free review of your case. 


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Do Not Let Nurse Case Manager Manipulate Your Doctor's words

Serious injuries are often assigned a nurse case manager. They are paid by the insurance company, and try to save your employer money, and pay you less in workers' compensation. You have the right to a private medical exam. Never let the case mgr in during treatment. Often they go in when the receptionist calls the patient. You have the right to tell them to sit down. Post exam, a case mgr can talk to the doc, but only in your presence. Never let them talk to a doctor without you being present.