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Our primary areas of practice are Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, and Criminal Defense. We also counsel and represent employees regarding workplace issues such as unpaid wages and overtime, and other issues such as wrongful discharge in violation of public policy, North Carolina state employees "just cause" proceedings, and employment discrimination. We represent individuals and labor organizations, but never work for insurance companies or on behalf of management against working people. We are workers compensation experts.  Please use our web form to set up you FREE Case evaluation.


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Raleigh North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

Attorneys for Edelstein and Payne have been lead counsel on many precedent setting cases, and strive to be the industry standard in client service. Our attorneys oversee every aspect of cases we accept, and we pride ourselves in keeping our clients informed about everything we do. We believe keeping our clients fully informed empowers them to make the tough decisions such as whether to accept a settlement offer. We communicate directly with our clients, frequently engaging in teleconferences or face to face meetings, ensuring that we are all on the same page. For more information about our various areas of emphasis in our law practice, click on the relevant links on the right side bar. 

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Free Consultations

A criminal accusation can be a life-changing event. The consequences of a conviction are long-ranging and potentially devastating. We can help. If you or a loved one is suspected or accused of committing a crime in Wake County, give us a call to discuss the situation. If you hire us, a single attorney will be responsible for every aspect of your case. We have experience defending charges from misdemeanor cannabis possession to violent assaults, and have a particular passion for defending cases involving individual privacy rights and the right to defend self or family through use of reasonable force.  We offer free consultations in Wake County criminal matters. To schedule a consultation call 919-828-1456.  For faster service, please fill out our contact us web form.

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Social Security Disability Lawyer

Our injured clients sometimes find themselves completely unable to work because of their injuries. An injured or disabled worker might be eligible for the lifeline of Social Security Disability if they are not able to work any job. We have experience counseling workers through the Social Security Disability application process, and successfully representing them on appeal when benefits are wrongfully denied. Our typical fee arrangement with these cases is contingent on winning the appeal, after which we accept a modest percentage of the back benefits paid. Occasionally our workers' compensation clients are left permanently disabled and unable to work, even after their comp benefits expire. Left with no source of income, the only option for many of these injured workers is SSD. Our knowledge of workers' comp, personal injury, local, state and federal retirement systems, and ERISA law helps us ensure our injured clients receive every benefit to which they are entitled. If you have been denied Social Security Disability, schedule an appointment for a consultation by completing our web form.

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Edelstein Payne North Carolina Personal injury Law legal team. We understand the difficulty an accident can bring to what was once normal.  A car crash can have long term health consequences.  We have decades of knowledge to help our clients in Apex. We represent Cary vehicle impact victims.  Disabled after your collision?  We assist Asheville SSDI disability insurance benefits.  Please fill out our web form. It's always available for your convenience. We will start a review of your case.  

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