NC Job Injury Workers Compensation lawyer in Raleigh FAQ:

I had a gas tank damage my foot on the job in Winston Salem. Can you review my workers comp case?

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  • Yes, we can review your workers comp case. Edelstein Payne is able to cover all on the job accident injury cases any where in the State of North Carolina. We have over 30 years experience assisting NC Firefighters, Police Officers, Construction workers, Factory employees and many professions. Simply put, if you were hurt at work, we can help. Thanks for contacting us using our free and easy website form.

I injured my back at work in Charlotte. Do you represent workers in all parts of NC?

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  • Yes, we represent workers in all parts of North Carolina NC. We proudly manage any Workers' Compensation case in our great state.  Having an attorney specializing in on the job injuries is highly recommended. It's easy to start.   Fill out our contact us section, "Click For a Free Case Review" and we can offer you a Free Comp Case evaluation.  

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Is The NC workers' compensation system difficult for an injured worker to navigate alone?


  • Yes, the NC workers' compensation system is difficult for an injured worker to navigate alone.  Accident victims are consistently overwhelmed by the complex details involved. We help reduce worry and stress from the workers compensation process. We make maintaining your job and medical benefits much easier for you. We offer a complimentary evaluation of your potential case.

My Employer told me they would pay my medical bills, why would I need a Raleigh, NC attorney?

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  • A Raleigh, NC lawyer is needed, because many North Carolina workplace injured clients come to us when their bills stopped being paid. We have the experience and skills to maximize your medical and wage benefits, and ensure they are not interrupted.  Some Injury examples are Falls, slips, burns, knee, ankle, bulging or herniated discs. Contact us for a free review of your job accident case. 

My accident claim was approved. My employer now refuses to pay. Can a workers comp lawyer assist?

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  • Yes, a workers comp lawyer can assist. Edelstein Payne is highly skilled in helping North Carolina employees injured on the job. We represent all job position accidents including construction, hospitals, and more. Examples of injuries include broken legs, arms, head trauma, damaged back, carpal tunnel syndrome, hands, fingers, feet, toes and more.

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A Comp case manager is asking pushy questions. Can your firm help me understand my rights?


  • Yes, our firm can help you better understand your rights. Case managers can employ less than friendly tactics to try to make an injured employee feel uncomfortable, intimidated or even at fault. Our experience can be invaluable to you.  We help you understand your North Carolina worker rights.  We minimize the stress our clients are exposed to. Please contact us for a free NC workplace injury case review.

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Edelstein Payne workers compensation lawyer in Raleigh. We represent Asheville Chapel Hill Wake Forest and all NC workers needing justice. We emphasize representation of real people Durham Duke UNC State hospital teams. Job personal injury lawyer. Denied Social Security disability injury benefits? You are not alone. We are a job accident attorney in Cary, and experts in Charlotte workplace injury disputes. Please fill out our form, and we can initiate a free review of your workers comp case. 

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I'm in Cary, North Carolina. Does Edelstein Payne have a Workers Compensation Facebook page?

Yes, Edelstein Payne has a Facebook page.  Please follow us on facebook.  We provide great information, offers and helpful videos.


I fell at work in Chapel Hill, North Carolina can injured workers connect to your firm on Google+ ?

Yes, injured workers can connect to our firm on Google+.  Please follow Edelstein Payne on Google+.  Be the first employee to see new valuable Workers' Comp videos. Thanks for advising your co-workers, family and friends who have been hurt on the job.


My knee was injured in Rocky Mount North Carolina can workers follow Edelstein Payne on Instagram?

Yes, workers can follow Edelstein Payne on Instagram.  We encourage employees injured at work to follow us on Instagram.  We offer complimentary North Carolina workers compensation case evaluations.  Please tell a friend.


I hurt my back in Carrboro, NC. Are Job Accident victims able to join Edelstein Payne on Twitter?

Yes, job accident victims are able to join Edelstein Payne on Twitter.  We encourage you to follow us on Twitter to gain job accident knowledge.  We offer free NC job injury case reviews.


I fell from a ladder in Charlotte, NC. Do you have a Workmans Comp Youtube channel with Tips?

Yes, we do have a Workmans Comp YouTube channel with tips.  We advise subscribing to learn helpful North Carolina Workers Compensation lawyer Tips from attorney M. Travis Payne

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I broke my leg at work in Wilson, NC. Is your workplace accident disability attorney firm on Yelp?

Yes, our workplace accident disability attorney firm is on Yelp. Edelstein Payne offers free workers compensation case reviews to injured workers of Wilson and all North Carolina counties, cities and towns.  We have helped clients with serious injuries qualify for disability benefits.