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Our injured clients sometimes find themselves completely unable to work because of their injuries. An injured or disabled worker might be eligible for the lifeline of Social Security Disability if they are not able to work any job. We have experience counseling workers through the Social Security Disability application process, and successfully representing them on appeal when benefits are wrongfully denied. Our typical fee arrangement with these cases is contingent on winning the appeal, after which we accept as our a fee a modest percentage of the back benefits paid. Occasionally our workers' compensation clients are left permanently disabled and unable to work, even after their comp benefits expire. Left with no source of income, the only option for many of these injured workers is SSD. Our knowledge of workers' comp, personal injury, local, state and federal retirement systems, and ERISA law helps us ensure that our injured clients receive every benefit to which they are entitled. If you have been denied Social Security Disability, schedule an appointment for a consultation by calling us at 919-828-1456.  For more efficient service, please click our "Disability Contact" button. 

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Several of our workers' compensation victims have injuries so serious they are never able to return to work in any position. We are experienced Social Security disability benefits attorneys and advocate for our disabled clients.

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