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Sadly, many injured workers don't understand their rights, and are often easily misled. Our advice? Before you fill out an accident report, or speak with a company insurance claims adjuster, contact Edelstein Payne for a Free Review. If you've already filled out the work form or spoken with an adjuster, we can still help.  Our workers compensation in Raleigh attorney has served North Carolina employees hurt at work since 1982.

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Please Contact Us: We Provide Free NC Workers Compensation Reviews for all towns in the State of North Carolina. Charlotte to Cary, Wake Forest to Winston-Salem

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Edelstein Payne North Carolina Workers compensation attorney in Cary. Raleigh workplace accident lawyer job injury attorney. We are a small firm committed to justice for industrial, factory, law enforcement, firefighters, hospital, construction and all NC workers. We are Durham job accident injury legal lawyer experts. Serious concussion closed head injury? Denied disability insurance benefits? Please fill out our web form. We can help with a free review of your workplace accident case.


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