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North Carolina Workers' Compensation Attorney

Injured in the workplace?  We are based in Raleigh and represent people  in workers' compensation claims across the entire state. We represent job accident victims. Is your employer refusing to pay your medical bills? Nervous? Frustrated? Not being paid?  We offer Free Case Reviews.  We fight to gain your benefits and payments. Since 1982 Edelstein & Payne has effectively advocated for human rights. Our firm's attorneys are consistently ranked among Best Lawyers, Superlawyers, Legal Elite, and recognized for outstanding community contributions.  M. Travis Payne has phenomenal knowledge navigating the complex North Carolina Industrial Commission.

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Personal Injury and Vehicle Accident Attorney

A car crash may be a life changing event.  Back damage and neck pain can be life long. Personal injury claims are complicated.  It is important to find legal counsel early in the process. We will analyze the situation for issues that might need immediate attention. We manage communications with insurance companies so an injured person can be assured they are not taken advantage of in a cruel addition of insult to injury.  Extreme disasters can leave a victim permanently disabled. We are highly skilled advocates for our clients. We can reduce the stress you are experiencing.  Please fill out our web form, and we'll provide you a complimentary evaluation.

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Durham NC Social Security Disability lawyer SSDI

Denied, or not receiving your Social Security disability benefits?  We can offer you invaluable help, and assist you in gaining payments. Some clients hurt at work are initially denied Comp, LTD (Long term), and STD (Short term) allowances.  Many give up without seeking legal representation. Please contact us for a case evaluation.  Our lawyers have exceptional knowledge, and advocate for mentally and physically disabled patients in a complicated system. We take great pride in providing crucial knowledge of disabled rights.  Please use our web form for a case evaluation.

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 If you are seeking a consultation regarding an employment issue (as opposed to workers' comp or personal injury) please visit our EMPLOYMENT LAW PAGE. 


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Contact Us: Edelstein & Payne Provides Free Workers Compensation Reviews For the entire state of North Carolina (Asheville to Zebulon)

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Edelstein Payne job injury lawyer. We are a small firm committed to justice for industrial, factory, law enforcement, firefighters, hospital, construction and all NC workers. We represent real people. Job injury attorney in Cary. Workplace accident legal experts in Raleigh. Job accident lawyer in Raleigh. Denied disability insurance benefits? You are not alone. We are skilled in injury disputes. Please fill out our web form. We will initiate a free review of your workman's comp case.& 

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